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Stuff little miss says: Get you Dead!

I always imagined that I would need to worry about my daughter's peer group when she got older.  Like maybe in 5th grade or something, but it turns out that there is a bit of loose talk in the toddler group as well. In fact, it makes me wonder if the moment that people can talk, that is when misinformation begins. 
But to get to the story – I was in the kitchen a few weeks ago, cooking something in the skillet.  Little Miss likes to wander through and try to help, and I always tell her “Remember not to touch, the stove is hot”.  This time though, she had a response, “You can’t touch the pot, Momma! Cause its hot, and you’ll get dead!”
ooh-kay…  So I said, “I’ll get dead?” and Little Miss nodded and reaffirmed her statement.  Interesting. I’ve attempted to explain death to her a couple of times by now.  And yes, I know she’s awfully young.  However, I would feel like a terrible parent if I just listened to what other people said about how to raise my child. Anyway, the previous two death discussions didn’t go well and I need to write another entry to cover those, suffice to say I refuse to use the phrase “gone to sleep” because that is denial at an outrageous level… but again, story for another time.
So back to the kitchen. There I am, having a conversation with my daughter about touching hot items and death. So I ask her, “What happens when you get dead?” and good news, Little Miss had an answer.  “You get a boo-boo and then you have a band-aid”.  Oh, I see. Well then.  That’s probably a lot closer than I ever achieved with my previous explanation of death.  Thank you daycare peer group!


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