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The loml insisted I add this one. He finds it hilarious for some reason, probably because it happened to me, not him.

The little one has gotten a bit of an energy boost lately, so I've started taking her swimming during the week. Its a great use of our gym membership and I find it calming. It also has had the side benefit of making sure she is consistently washed.

The only problem is that I have to keep an eye on her skin. Frequent bathing, even with the mildest of soaps, can still irritate skin. So I also cart around a bottle of lotion for use after we bathe.

Putting on lotion has been pretty easy, ever since we resorted to bribery. I think its a natural stage of parenting that we all go through (asking, begging, threatening, bribery... - kind of like the stages of grief but without a dead body). In this case, its a serving of choclate milk. If little miss takes a 'good' shower (that means with soap), then she can have chocolate milk afterwards.

On this day, we had a nice swim, a good shower, and were just about to get dressed when I realized her cheeks were getting kind of ruddy, so I started smoothing some lotion on her face, only to have her step back and fix me with a steely glare (she is three, btw). Then in a grave tone, she warned me "Momma - you don't put lotion on my face or I'm going to leave".

wooo... She delivered that one pretty effectively. Well enough for me to reconsider what I was doing. hah - kids! (note how I am not going to share what I did next.. nope,I got to watch out for that kid of mine.)


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