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Oh sh*t

All, I am proud to announce that my child has officially selected her first "curse word". Good news Mom - you are officially off the hook for that one time when you said "sh*t" in front of your grandbaby and she repeated it. Because this time, she's actually cursing - with intent.

And now that I've built up some anticipation, I will tell you. It is "god dammmit"; technically, that is two words but i don't think that is the focus of this post. In fact,I can't recall what she was doing at the time - she was strapped in the car seat while I was driving, and she was miffed about something. "god dammit" i hear, and she meant it, i tell you, and then, just in case I didn't catch it the first time, she repeated it for emphasis.

'well', i thought, 'that makes sense', right after trying to figure out what level of non-response was appropriate. I'm pretty sure she got that from me, because once I realized that kids learn words from their parents, I made an effort to stop cursing. For some reason, I think "GDMT" isn't so bad, so its what I do tend to say around her. the other one i tend to use is "f8ckity=f^ckity=f*ck" but there are too many syllables in there for her to get it right.


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