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the plumbing

Just recently, our little family went on a camping trip with another family. We are all good friends, partially owing to the fact that we both have kids. And when you are going through that kind of thing, you need sympathetic allies (and I am talking about the parents here; who knows what the kids are thinking).

After munching our way through some food and mucking around the campsite, a walk was proposed and several of our party (kids and adults) set out.

While we were out, one of the little boys had to pee. Since he wasn't quite settled in the whole 'using the bathroom in the woods' business, his mom stepped up to help him. "Ok - let's pick a tree" and voila - within minutes, a successful bathroom break had occurred.

Yay - except for the part where my little girl then decided that she too wanted to pee on a tree. I tried to disuade her, "Honey - you can't pee on a tree". "Yes I Can!"

wow - really, is now the time for Rosie the Riverter? I guess my kid is just resolute like that because she was totally convinced that she could pee out onto a tree as well.
As a parent, there are some points you have to concede. Besides, I couldn't figure out a good way to quickly explain to my daughter that peeing on trees is for boys - without sounding awful. I need to emphasize this for any non-parents reading - being able to quickly, concisely, and persuasively explain something to a toddler takes skill. And it looked like my child was going for it regardless of what I thought, so I just tried to get her clothes out of the way in time. So as I was tugging her shorts and underwear down, I realized that they needed to come completely off. As I'm about to tell her to pick up her feet, it becomes too late. The moment her pants were down, she focused on the tree (you should have seen the concentration!) and let loose.

and sure enough, she peed all over her leg and onto her clothes. sigh - oh well. I hear experiental learning is all the rage anyway.


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