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The ninja

I was talking to my sister today and towards the end of our phone call, I announced that I was ready to commit to a long-term relationship "...with the Internet!"

"welcome to my life" she responded. And i said, "no, a healthy relationship with the internet. none of this codependent stuff" (*note that my sister is a WoW player who occasionally day trades on their market)

I then went on to relate my plan to only purchase what the internet told me to. Like how i had signed up for one of those deal watching web sites that recommended items that were selling at recorded low prices AND had favorable Amazon reviews. "So, if I need it and its a deal, then i will buy it!", I concluded.

"If you NEED IT and its a DEAL?? then you will BUY IT??" She went on, "Then you don't actually need it."

i was confused. And the reader must forgive me, i hadn't had breakfast yet. "But what if I need a Ninja blender to make smoothies?" I said. and then it hit me, "Oooh... ok, If its something i WANT and its a deal then i will buy it."

"... this is heading down a dark path", commented my sister...

(more life adventures to be reported later : )


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