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How to be an adult: Eating it ALL

So many of you may think that as a person who has existed on this earth for a significant number of years, I am entitled to call myself an adult. aaaand you would be right. However while I was adulting around, I was really spending more of my time learning things like how adversity can teach you compassion, and how compassion makes the most beautiful people you will ever meet, and OMG buddha was really on to something, right?

Meanwhile, while i was working through the practicality of feelings and how to treat people, my sister was engaged in the practicality of living. from day to day. So this next series of posts is devoted to her, my dear sister, whose usual response to this kind of content is, "well yeah Julia, that's how normal people do things" .

Today, i'd like to cover an amazing tip that I will short hand as "eat all the food you buy, cause you can't really afford to be throwing away stuff". (I can practically hear my sister wanting to face plant me on this one).

So here is the thing about me. I eat 1/3 of all my meals out, and the rest of them are usually home cooked or heated ready-meals that I buy at the store. and I do not like leftovers. You would think you were asking me to compete on Fear Factor, is how i feel about leftovers.

but the sad truth is, you (I) can't really be a responsible person like that. You (I) can't keep throwing away food because you don't want to eat it (seriously - no). Because I like to buy nice food. I like organic local seasonal fruit, I like organic microgreens, oooh is that whipped cream in a can biodynamically sourced??! Yeah i know, somewhere in another part of the country my sister is wondering how we are possibly related.

So there are a few options that come to mind:

  • stop buying fancy food so that my money isn't going to the landfill
  • start eating my leftovers
  • Stop buying stuff that I throw away until i learn to eat like an adult *for a given value of adult, ymmv
and that's where i am now. At this week's refrigerator clean out, I threw away:
  1. 4 mini tupperwares of jello, leftover from an experimental jello creation
  2. 2 raviolis and a meatball, second run leftovers which i consider a personal success
  3. 1c of organic mac and cheese. Maybe i should freeze it next time? I'm not sure about this one.
  4. half a tub of organic ricotta. Can i freeze this too? must try this.
  5. half a pack of sliced cheddar cheese from Cracker Barrel. I totally dropped the ball on eating this stuff and now its going on the do not buy again list.
  6. 1 mild italian spiced turkey sausage. OMG - why would anyone eat turkey? its so underwhelming. Never buying turkey again.
  7. a block of tofu that I forget to eat when i went on a lentil kick, for like 2 months. oops.
I think i'm doing pretty well!


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