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July 4, 2016

all about the jeffersons

allegedly, if you get change from the gift store at Monticello, they will use $2 bills because Jefferson is on them.

At this moment, I'm not sure two bucks is going to help me, but perhaps a little panicky flailing will. Money matters are a tricky thing with people; its not just a matter or numbers. If it was just numbers, we'd all be borg-ing around with other issues. Instead its all about the emotions right? If I buy something for my kid, is it because she's worth the extra money? If I spend the money on her, don't I deserve the same type of treatment. Am I sure that I won't magically lose 20 lbs if I just buy that Ninja blender? (seriously, I am still working on this one).

I think we all understand that we want to save enough to retire and not be out on the streets, and sure, we all read that article about skipping the starbucks $5+ caramel mochachinno brownie frappe venti-whaaaaaaat. but the reality is that its not about onesie twosie decisions. Its about your overall spending patterns. To repeat, its not about saying "I'm skipping the starbucks today", its about saying "I don't have daily coffee at starbucks", or if you are a real masochist "I don't buy anything from starbucks" *ouch - who doesn't deserve a cappuccino once in a while?

So here I am, trying to realign my spending patterns (and it burns!)

its only the 4th day of the month and I've already blown though 87% of my monthly blow-off budget. For those of you not versed in the financial vernacular, I am referring to the money i am allowed to spend on non-necessities (like a ninja blender, why can't I let it go???)

And the sad part is that I could've bought a ninja blender, but I didn't because my daily spending habits don't seem to include a prioritization step. I actually had to check my credit card transactions because I couldn't even remember where the money had gone. And wow - it turns out that I lead a pretty exciting recreational life. There are a couple of sightseeing trips, some meals out... well I'm glad I'm enjoying life.

Unfortunately, if i don't start brown bagging it on some of these trips, I'll be crying later. but its good to know now. perhaps I need to ration out my trips. Only one a month? and maybe next month i can invest in a VR setup or something : )

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