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Days and Nights at the Burn: Day 0.1

Note* This post is part of a series detailing my recent participation in Burning Man 2016. I'd like to warn the reader that I'm writing these for personal use and the details noted are likely biased, inaccurate, and increasingly full of profanity as the days go by. Names may have been changed.

I feel like numbering the days is somewhat inaccurate, mainly because once I got out to the Playa, i had a hard time remembering what happened from day to day. I've read posts from people saying "I don't remember anything that happened" and now I understand. You don't need to be on substances or intoxicated, its just that being out there is intense. Its a lot.

But it starts with a long car ride. After packing up all the supplies into 2 RVs and an old laundry truck, we all start hauling to Reno, our rest stop before driving into Black Rock City. A quick note to the uninformed, Black Rock City (BRC) is the temporary city that is set up in the Nevada desert for the event and I invite you to locate the wikipedia article on it.

I spend a lot of the ride to Reno sleeping. Jet lag is and continued to be an interesting factor on my trip. I kept waking up at 4am, every day until the day I left SF. The ride to Reno is uneventful and we pick up some rental bicycles for the event. I loved my bicycle; I named it Bella JellyBean. It was pink with a yellow basket and I rode it everywhere.

Once we get to Reno, we stop at a storage locker to pick up some couches for our camp 'Bloody Maryland'. What an amazing camp! Only two people were actually from Maryland this year but we did give away a lot of bloody marys, so I think that makes it all ok. I meet the person who I'm riding with from Reno to BRC. We all grab some dinner and settle down for the night to get some rest.

A small note on Reno - wow. Reno is like the nasty old part of Vegas or any other pseudo Vegas like Atlantic City. That's all i got to say.


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