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March 2, 2010

honey, don't read this!

ok, everyone else who is not my husband should still be with me, right?

So today I was looking over my "Steps for a healthy baby" list. Its got stuff on it like, "make sure you eat at 80-100 grams of protein every day", "do 200 kegels a day", and "cut down on excessive stress at work", etc..

and as I look through the nutrition portion, I realize that I'm not getting enough of the "rice, tortillas, potatoes" category, whatever that really is (sounds like the white starches to me but whatever), I need four servings a day and I'm not making it. So I tell the loml who has been doing a great job helping me stay on top of the nutritional aspect of this whole pregnancy. And he makes a helpful suggestion about dinner and I'm thinking "ok, great. this has been dealt with"

Until I'm driving home and I realize that he's not going to be home for dinner cause he's got a work thing. So I have to make my own dinner and I figure I'll get something inspirational at the store to encourage myself to eat better. So I figure I'll make a potato and leek gratin. Which sounds good to me, I got potato, leek, milk, and cheese. Healthy!

and all is well as I start out. The whole thing smells really really good, but then I double-check my recipe and this damn thing takes over an hour to bake in the oven! Really? really!? I'm hungry!

So then I get some ice cream and everything is better. and as soon as the gratin is done, I'll let you know how that turned out too. Just don't tell my husband.

March 4, 2010

what would you do if I sang out of tune

i'd like to take a moment to say how awesome the loml (my spouse) has been. He's been very supportive and engaged throughout this pregnancy, which I doubt has been fun. Mainly because I only asked for his help with the things that I don't like. Like eating right, exercising, and attending a weekly natural childbirthing class for 12 weeks straight.

Cause the rub of it all is that i tend to bitch the whole way through. No, I don't want to exercise. going uphill sucks! No, I don't want to eat another egg. No, no more vegetables! bleh!

So, thank you honey. For persevering with the five-year old who has suddenly replaced your wife. You are the best.

March 11, 2010

a la mode means with ice cream

so this may be a bit naive, but I actually thought that maybe when my belly button popped out, I would actually be close to being done. and I was sort of right, but really I was just wrong wrong wrong.

My belly button totally popped out about two weeks ago. which coincided with the time when I felt like I was done with this pregnancy crap. I hate eggs. I'll never eat the damn things again (unless they are in baked goods or an Anita's breakfast burrito) again. I would also like to be able to sleep on my front and back again (just one would be acceptable). and just maybe, I'd like to be able to breathe again. but that's a complaint that I don't want to even think about.

but no matter what I feel like, I've still got like 3 months to go before achieving "mother of a squalling infant" status. which just reminds of what I'll bet is close to a universal truth, "most people don't want to be pregnant, what they actually want are kids".

but ok, i guess I'll appreciate the infant more when I can breathe again. like maybe its life's way of saying, "you'll won't ever get to sleep through the night again, but hey, at least you got your full lung capacity back".


March 14, 2010

...and beyond

Recently, I was very lucky and a very good friend gave me a box of maternity clothes. Like, nice, relatively new, and even, dare-i-say-it almost stylish maternity clothes, in colors that I like. Joy, rapture, huzzah! I'd been surviving on a few purchases from garage sales, some donations, and three strategically purchased new maternity pants, but my closet pickings were slim and I was wearing whatever fit, even if it didn't look that great. which really doesn't do much for a person, you know?

so anyway, I got this great box of clothes, but before I could really start wearing them, I had to clean out my closet to make room. So in a grim reality check, I started removing everything from my closet that I could no longer wear. oh boy.. I'm packing this stuff into boxes and imagining how long before I get to take them back out. And then it hits me, "oh man, I really hope I get back into these things at some point"

cue the scary shower scene music from "psycho" here. reeek reeeeek reeeeeeeek!

and that's it. I actually haven't been able to mentally progress past that point yet. I'm still like poor Lila Crane, shrieking in the shower as she deals with some wacko stabbing her with a kitchen knife...

ok -- maybe its not quite that bad...

March 20, 2010

shocking revelations

So I've been waking up every night/day/whatever at about 4am. I can't tell that its for any reason. Baby's not kicking me, I don't really have to pee, sometimes its that my sleeping position is painful, but whatever it is, I just wake up and stay up until I'm so tired that I pass out again.

well, this saturday, i was lucky enough to have zero distractions and i fell back asleep until 8:30. WOW! so as i was drifting in and out of slumber, i realized that i was hearing an odd noise. and odd noise that was accompanied by an odd vibration originating from near my upper palate/nose.

and it hit me (slowly) that I had been snoring. Oh damn - I don't snore, never have.. until now. I can only assume that some unholy combination of pregnancy induced congestion and the fact that my uterus is slowly encroaching upon my lungs is responsible. well, I'll add this to my new list of "things that better go back to normal".

I'll talk about the tragedy of my shoe collection some other time, but suffice to say that I have some damn sexy shoes that I can't fit into right now.

March 28, 2010

the things you'll do

So one of the normal things you get to do with as part of the pregnancy shtick is get a glucose and iron screening. The point of the test is to look for indications of gestational diabetes or anemia. I actually thought the taking the test was alright. I got to consume this fantastically sweet drink that reminded me of the orange kool-aid I had as a youngster, and then I was amped up for the rest of the day. And fortunately for me, my glucose levels were just fine. No gestational diabetes for me! yay!

Unfortunately, my iron levels were low. Now, I understand this is pretty normal at my stage of pregnancy but I was asked to try to work on getting more iron in my system anyway, just in case. so, ok.. fine. Except, it really isn't. My pre-natal vitamin already contains 150% of the daily recommended dose (yes, I know its higher for pregnant women), but I'm already eating a luna bar and nutritional protein shake that contain even more iron, and eating oranges every day (vitamin c is supposed to assist in iron absorption).

but whatever, I don't want to be negligent with my health here so I'll get more iron in by eating more stuff. I'll admit, as the nurse was recommending that I try consuming more organ meats (oooh.. chopped liver with bell pepper... wow, that DOES sound good... no wait. no it actually doesn't.. BLECH!) I was pretty happy that I was a vegetarian. but that does limit my options. And that is why, today, I was staring at large glass of dark brown liquid.

It gave me flashbacks to when I was drinking 16 oz of prune juice for breakfast as part of my colon cleansing experiment. but this time, it was 10 oz of hot water mixed with blackstrap molasses. Which, believe it or not, is reputed to be an excellent source of iron.

Now don't go thinking I'm being irresponsible. I already ate five dried apricots and had a spinach sandwich (in addition to the pre-natal vitamins), so I'm doing my work dammit. but I thought the molasses thing would be easier. Its not, but I drank the stuff anyway.

Diets SUCK!

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