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i hate everything

ok, maybe not everything. but its hitting that point where I keep waking up from sleep because of how uncomfortable I am. I sleep because I'm exhausted from lack of sleep, but then I wake up as soon as my body's gotten enough rest to be disturbed by the discomfort level. I hope you don't understand what this is like, because its close to an outer ring of hell for me.

i was so disturbed that today I bought a couple of new sleep/nursing bras (my old bras just aren't cutting it anymore and I firmly believe in throwing money at the problem if it will help).. of course the moment I try one on, the loml is like "what's with the ugly shirt thing.."? and then he quickly shut up after I gave him the look. But he didn't shut up in time to stop me from a mini-rant of how ALL maternity underwear is UGLY and if he wanted pretty maternity underwear, then HE COULD BUY IT FOR ME. note that his final comment upon further examination of my sleep bra was a muttered "how retarded".

but seriously, I'm not spending $50 on upwards for pretty maternity underwear. and that's not really what's causing the majority of discomfort anyway. but while I'm on the subject, I would like to state that maternity underwear is ridiculous. All my nice underwear from before still fits me. because its nice underwear, and not that cheap badly shaped mormon wear that they sell in 3 packs wrapped in a plastic bag.

seriously ladies, if you aren't happy about the state of your ass, what makes you think that a full coverage panty is going to make anything better? for the love of god, get some pretty lace-inset hipsters from Victoria Secret or something.. they're only $5 each and you'll feel much better about them. or if you hate VS, H&M also makes some really nice stretchy, comfy, lacy-type things that are affordable.

but whatever you do, don't buy your underwear in a plastic multi-pack. your ass deserves better (and yes, even the nice stuff comes in cotton if you like).. but nothing good comes from buying granny undies.. unless you are a granny and there is a reason you want them, but I'd rather figure this out for myself in another 20+ years. don't tell me.. TMI people..

ok now that I've had a chance to sleep on it, I realize that it's hypocritical of me to complain about not wanting to spend $50 on pretty maternity bras and then to also judge others for not wanting to spend a few more ducats on pretty underwear.

But I still believe that if it's reasonably possible for you to avoid buying awful underwear, then you should.


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