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executive decisions

Today the loml and I came home and were inspecting the house. Our maid service had come by so we were checking the job they had done, when the loml pointed out that they hadn't emptied one of the trash cans. This was a little abnormal; the maids usually take out all the trash. But when I looked at the trash can, I thought I knew the answer. There were clothes in it and maybe the maid service thought we were storing them or something. And then I took a closer look at the clothes.

and I recognized them as some of the maternity clothes that I had just been given by a friend, who had recently had a child. I shot the loml a look, and he explained that he'd found the clothes when doing laundry. Upon examination, he'd found them to be so unbelievably ugly, that he had made the decision to throw them away.

"and", he said, "they have holes in them!". So I must explain something here. The loml is against anything that looks like "grandma" style underwear and sleeping garments. And I have to admit, these two nightgowns did fall into that category, but I had them for a reason. "Look!" I said to him and I held the gown up over my chest. "See these two holes right over my chest? These night gowns are for after you give birth and you are resting around the house. This way you can still breastfeed and not get dressed!".

but the loml was unrelenting. The things were ugly and had to be removed. He pointed out that they were long and flannel and would be really warm to wear in June. Was I really going to wear an ugly flannel nightgown all day in the summer just because it had holes for my boobs? (I really wish I had a picture of this thing now to show you.)

So I let them go with the proviso that if it turned out that I really did need clothes with boob holes in them, that he was the one who was going to have to get them for me. Last I saw, he didn't seem too intimidated by the prospect.


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