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it's a boy!

ok - before anyone gets too excited. I did NOT have a baby, much less a baby boy. but as I was checking out at CVS today, the woman conducting my transaction started chatting me up about my pregnancy... and the fact that she was quite certain I was having a boy.

Again, my stomach is shaped like a basketball instead of a football, so in addition to it being "very cute", I am also "having a boy". First of all, thank you all. I guess its better to have a "very cute" belly, as opposed to... to what..? I know people mean well when they say things like this, and I'm really glad no strangers have rubbed my stomach (a small victory for my 'unapproachable' body language), but sometimes I can't believe people criticize me for not thinking before I speak. Seriously, its like a tribute to the divine comedy of life: a whole nation of people just waiting for the right opportunity to stick their feet in their mouths.

anyways, so evidently several representatives of the service industry feel that I am having a boy. That would be my last hair stylist, masseuse, corporate chef, cafeteria worker, and now the CVS cashier. So I informed the loml, but he's decided to stick with the opinion of our ultrasound technician, who was highly confident that we were having a girl.

and I'm hoping she was right, mainly because we haven't picked out or really even thought about a boy name. I'd hate to be choosing a name under pressure, cause that's when you come up with stuff like Ozzy. Which I've always thought would be an awesome name for a boy, but I'm sure there are lots a reasons not to pick it. Not that I can think of any.

See.. life is funny.


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