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update of the month

so i've been sleeping alot lately which is my excuse for not updating recently. yeah.. i know. lame excuse, but hey, look.. here is this entry.

So I've got about a month left, and evidently I've hit this stage where many people think I'm about to pop. Which I understand. I used to think the same thing about very pregnant looking women, "how much bigger can that woman possibly get? She must be ready to go!"..

maybe its the fault of the media. Does anyone really bother showing actual pregnant women on tv anymore? The last one I saw was Heidi Klume, and the camera was always very careful to only show her from the front onwards.. no real side view, and she is a victoria's secret model to boot.

but i guess that it would be a very odd tv show to feature very pregnant women, anyway. Its not as if they stay that way; you'd always have to find a new one. And then, what would they be doing? At least Heidi had a legitimate role in hosting project runway. and I'm not interested in watching other women give birth..

can't we show really pregnant women on tv doing anything else?


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