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Hatching a SUV

A couple of weekends ago, the loml and I went to a farmer's market with some friends. We rode there in their ten-year old Honda CR-V (or maybe a RAV4 - I'm not sure), and as I was riding, I couldn't help thinking how nice it was. Really comfortable, in fact, since achieving a pregnancy size of significance, riding in that CR-V seat was one of the most comfortable things I had done in months. Yes! This includes sleeping! As a side note, sleeping is so uncomfortable that I can only do it when exhausted, after that I just wake up from the pain. but anyways...

So I turned to the loml and told him that maybe we should get one of these things... which he seemed ok with until I suggested that we replace his car with one, at which point the situation became a no-go. So ok.. whatever.. and then next weekend, I got to ride in another CR-V, and it was still awesome..

Sensing a trend, I again told the loml that I was thinking of getting a CR-V. And he was cool with it and we discussed trading in my current vehicle and maybe getting a certified pre-owned CR-V or even a RAV4, which is the direct competitor.

So I browsed around the web and looked at options and built a few cars, but today I had some time so I actually went down the street to dealership row to see these things in person. Because the crazy thing is, I'm actually a huge fan of speedy compact little cars. I'm also a tree-hugging environmentalist. That's why my current car is a Honda Civic hybrid. I get 40+ mpg, in the city! I hate SUV drivers and everything they represent... unless.. they have multiple kids.. then I understand. Cause then, you have cargo. but anyway, the reason I went down to the dealerships was to hopefully be repulsed by the hugeness of the nasty SUVs with their shitty mileage. "Who really NEEDS a SUV? Not me! Not ME!" that's what I was thinking to myself.

but sadly, I think we can all guess what happened (no - i didn't buy anything).. but I did test drive a Honda CR-V and a Toyota RAV4. and man, I really really liked it. Not only is the CR-V designed nicely, but you can also access and control your iPOD through the touch screen. How sweet is that??? And, at a similar package level, on the RAV4, you get keyless entry! I mean like 'leave your key in the purse because the proximity will allow you to unlock your car and start the engine with the touch of your hand'... these are the kind of features that I am a sucker for!

I also looked at a VW Tiguan, but it was like 5k more expensive, the seats don't fold flat, the front seats don't have power control for the base, and the only exciting thing is the panoramic sunroof. sad really... I didn't even bother to test drive that one.

So I'm at a bit of a crossroads here. Honda has nice handling and good reputation, and an IPod dock. Toyota currently has a shitty reputation but is offering a helluva financing option, and I can get keyless entry.

and of course, its all for the baby you know. So that I don't have to bend over so much to put the car seat in. yep... that's it.. nesting urges.. you know...


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