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he who laughs last...

At one point during my pregnancy, I kind of went nuts with the nesting instinct and researched nearly every baby device and accessory currently in existence. This was almost a necessary evil since I had to populate the baby registry and I had no idea what was actually required to support a baby.

Little did I know that once we actually did bring the baby home, we would wind up placing her in a laundry basket (actually, she still sleeps in a laundry basket but she's getting kind of long for it.) but this is a tale for another time.

One baby item I remember reading about with a combination of awe and repugnance was the Itzbeen baby care timer. This hellish creation of a Type A personality has four timers built in that allow you to track the last time your baby had a diaper change, the last time the baby ate, the baby's sleeping time, and one extra timer that you can set for whatever else you want. So I distinctly recall thinking "hah - If I really need to track that stuff, I can just log it in a book or something". What is really funny about this product is that the description ends with a tagline of "Itzbeen baby care time is a must have for every new parent to make those first few months more enjoyable!" Seriously, what could be more enjoyable than paranoiacly (have no idea how to spell this) tracking your child's every bowel movement for months?

Well.. fast forward to now. I don't log anything because the baby does a pretty good job letting me know when she wants to eat, sleep, get a new diaper, or is upset in general. But, I am also sleep deprived. So as I stare at my deceptively innocent looking little angel, who is passed out in her swing, all I can wonder is "when is the last time I fed her?"

I know I said she would let me know when she was hungry, but I still don't feel 100% comfortable abdicating all responsibility in this matter. And the thing is, I am so wacked out of my head right now.. I have no idea the last time she ate. What I do recall is that after she ate, I gave her a bath and the loml took a picture of her looking really cute. "hah!" I think.. "I just need to find the timestamp on the camera for the photo!" but before I go and get super-complicated with this, my mom is good enough to remind me that she knows when I fed the baby and its ok. it was only two hours ago. everything is ok.

So I guess the moral of the story is, you don't need new-fangled electronic dohickeys when you have your mother around.


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