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ok, so I've been a little busy lately but hey, its time for a baby blog entry.

The last two weeks have been edifying, to say the least. I've learned that my baby is like a small buddha. How do I know? Because of the things I've learned... like when the baby seems hungry, that's cause it is hungry. When she's upset, well.. that's cause something is making her unhappy.. you know.. amazingly simple things like that.

but like I said, I don't want to get all mommy blogger. So let's talk more about things I've learned about me. Like how it was completely untrue that my feet would swell up and stay that huge! Completely untrue for me! My feet actually shrank down such that the last two pairs of preggo shoes I bought are now too big for me. My feet are so scrawny that they look just like Uma Thurman's feet in 'Kill Bill', which is kind of scary cause that wasn't the best foot shot ever. but hey, those are my feet now.

Also, this breastfeeding business.. I've dropped 25 lbs in two weeks (though the loml points out its probably the loss of baby, fluids, and the pinata). I'm only 10 lbs up from where I started.

But its not all good. According to my midwife, my post-pregnancy abdominal muscles are for shit (my words, not hers).. What she actually said is that my muscles are what she would expect to see in a woman who already had several children instead of just the one. But she tried to tell me it wasn't my fault and maybe I should ask my mom if the same thing happened to her abs after the first child.

I really didn't want to tell my mid-wife, but that did not make me feel better. If I recall correctly, my mother was and still is considerably more athletic than I am. As far as I can tell, the fact that my abs are still split apart more than three fingers wide across my stomach, is all my fault. Cause I'm lazy.

hee. oh well, guess I better start looking at exercise programs.


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